About Us


That’s we why developed Praesidium Employment Law Protection, an easy-to-use employment law package written, updated and supported by experienced, reputable employment lawyers.

Some employment law companies rely on sales teams or paralegals to give advice that can have far-reaching business implications for people using them. Our clients don’t think that’s good enough. They value the confidence that comes from working with qualified, experienced and regulated employment lawyers.

(And with employment currently topping everyone’s agenda, we can see why.)

Who we are

Praesidium is an established network of reputable firms providing support and sharing employment law knowledge

  • All Praesidium members are well-respected firms with considerable employment law experience, and specialist employment practices
  • Formed in 1997, we’ve been helping clients with their employment law issues ever since
  • Our current members include firms such as: Bermans LLP, Blacks LLP, Geldards LLP, Foot Anstey LLP, Thrings LLP and Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP, Raworths LLP and Travlaw Solicitors LLP.

Our employment law knowledge and expertise gives you the highest quality support available. And by regularly exchanging sector knowledge and best practice, we make sure you’re ahead of the game. 

Find out more...

For further information on joining the Praesidium network, please download the following document.

PDF Download the Praesidium Brochure.

We are currently looking to recruit member firms in the following locations:

  • Birmingham and West Midlands
  • Manchester
  • London
  • Oxford & Cambridge
  • Hampshire
  • Norfolk & Suffolk

If your firm is interested in joining please contact the scheme managers on steve.manton@mantonassociates.co.uk